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    1. Hi David, the first version of the product Neo 7 Adapter will be released within few month. The first version will not have any possibilities for setting up surround sound. There will be a Power Link output to the Beolab 7 soundbar. You can of course connect more speakers via the Power Link - i.e. two front speakers (left and right). We will add the request to the product pipeline for the coming releases. Thanks, Best regards Rudi

  1. Hi Rudi,
    there are now several references on Beoworld/Forum to your Neo 7 Adapter.
    I remember you yourself mentioning that map there a while ago.
    First it said it was coming soon - now I see it is listed as sold out on your website.

    When can you expect the product to be ready?
    It will probably interest a lot of people - not least on the Forum.


  2. Good morning

    I need a Neo 7 Adapter to upgrade my old B&O 7-40 system (Stand and Speaker) with LG C1 OLEDTV.
    I see on your website that Neo 7 Adapter is sold out, can you advise when you expect to have any more manufactured?

    I would like to order here:
    - 1 pc. Neo 7 Adapter and
    - power and connection cables for BeoLab 2.

  3. Hello, I am in Australia and have a BV 7-40 on motorised floor stand with BL 7.4 and two non-B&O passive front speakers.

    I would like to upgrade with the Neo 7 Adapter and LG C2 65 inch OLED, perhaps with the addition of a Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 to improve and simplify the setup.

    Is there any issue with supplying the product to Australia and how soon could I expect delivery?

    Best regards, Daniel

    1. We have sent a Neo 7 Adapter and a VESA plate to Australia - we hope you will enjoy the product

  4. Should Neo Radio be connected to a B&O Radio, or can it be connected to NL/ML converter and used as Line in, currently have a Beosound 4 but if it should break. It connects to the mains but what outputs is it fitted with. Hope it comes soon miss the DAB+ channels.
    Greetings Leif

    1. Neo Radio can be connected directly to your Beo4 and give you streaming from Internet (DAB) channels. It can all be controlled with your B&O remote control. We expect the product available in Q3/Q4 2022.

  5. Is it possible to open up the bag a little in relation to the upcoming products like NEO Convert and NEO Boost ?
    Sounds especially interesting with NEO Convert 🙂
    What to expect from these products and when ?
    I am a total fan of Neomesteren and your brilliant products 🙂
    Mvh Morten

    1. Hi Morten
      We are looking forward to finish developing the products and show them to the world.
      Unfortunately, we can't open the bag until it's finished - and due to the busyness of current products and development time, you can't expect them on the market until 2023 - we're hoping for spring.
      Thank you for following us and liking our products
      Greetings Neomesteren

  6. I would like to connect a center speaker, 2 front speakers and 2 rear speakers. is this possible or is something like this expected in the near future?

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your interest in Neo products. The current version does not support surround sound. You can connect all speakers to Neo TV or Neo 7 Adapter, but this does not make sense. We are looking into a possible upgrade with surround sound, but this will first be in year 2023. Thanks, best regards Neomesteren

  7. Hello to you
    I have a Boevision 7 setup, and would like to replace the screen with a Samsung television.
    I run it all with an Apple TV, and both me and my kids are happy that everything works off the Apple TV remote - both TV turns on, and volume is controlled via it.

    If I invest in a Neo7 box, and bracket, and connect everything to the Beovision 7 setup, will my apple TV remote still be in stand to turn on and control volume, so audio is played through the beolab7 which is connected via TV to the Neo7?

    1. Hi Tino, Neo 7 Adapter sitting between the Beolab 7 and your upcoming Samsung TV. It's all controlled with a B&O remote, des controlling menus on the TV and the sound. Many do not need Apple TV after, as you can install an Apple App on your Samsung. Unfortunately, the Apple remote cannot subsequently control the TV and sound. On the other hand, if you still want to use a separate Apple TV device, you can control this via HDMI CDC from your B&O remote. Greetings Neomesteren

      1. Roger. So understood correctly, the Neo7 is in control of volume and other functions. And the input does NOT go through the TV IR, and on out into the systems.
        I already have a Samsung TV with separate AppleTV unit connected via HDMI CDC, which I control with the AppleTV remote, and this is what I am just trying to replicate, albeit with the addition of the great sound from the Beolab7.
        Unfortunately have no intention of replacing the TV any time soon.

        If I just want to throw TV sound through the TV and down to the Beolab 7 speaker, is that one of your other products I should buy?

        1. Neo 7 Adapter gives you control of TV and sound with a B&O remote. It also provides control of a Beovision 7 stand. Finally, it provides sound from the TV to the Beolab speaker. We also have Neo TV - which does not have control of the stand. That's probably the one to choose if you don't want to control the stand.

  8. Hello to you
    Are you selling a Vesa plate for BV 7.32 stand with a hole spacing of 400mm x 400mm?
    Can only see that you have a plate with max 300mm gap.

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