I have a Beovision 7-32 stand and want to install a new TV

Attach a new TV to the Beovision 7-32 stand from B&O and mount a VESA plate for the new TV. The plate is prepared for Neo 7 Adapter.

It makes sense to update the TV on your Beovision 7-32 stand, as the B&O TV has become obsolete.

You must mount a VESA plate from Neomesteren.

Beovision 7-32 stand with VESA plate from Neomesteren as well as a Beolab 7 speaker

First disassemble your B&O TV.

The VESA plate must first be mounted on your new TV and then the stand attached. Read more here

The picture is shown with the VESA plate attached - to show how it can be attached simply and elegantly.

You then just have to fasten the two screws with which the B&O TV was attached.

When you buy a VESA plate from Neomesteren, then screws and spacers for attaching your new TV are included.

You can choose many makes of TV to attach to your Beovision 7.32 stand. All TVs have mounting holes for attaching a plate with the VESA standard.

Neomesteren has two different VESA plates for your Beovision 7.32 stand. You can also read more here.

The VESA plates fit both on the floor stand, wall stand and table stand.

The stand can be turned at a 70 degree angle with a press of your Beo4 remote control.

The table – on this link – shows which VESA plate you should choose for the Beovision 7-32 stand.

The screen

The screen can be tilted vertically to achieve the optimal viewing angle. On a 40" Beovision 7 stand, that function is motorized - but it requires that your TV is balanced around the middle. The original Beovision 7 TV is balanced.

Turn your TV

With Neo 7 Adapter, you can program your new TV and the stand to turn to your preferred TV position every time you switch on the TV with your Beo4 or Beoremote One.

Lean back in your favorite chair and let the stand turn towards you when you switch on your TV from LG, Samsung, Loewe, Philips, Panasonic or Sony. You decide your new TV yourself.

Beolab 7 on the stand

Remember to attach a Beolab 7 speaker to your stand. The Beolab 7 series is full of advanced technology and slim under your new TV. It's hard to find a TV soundbar that plays better.

Beolab 7 is one of the most powerful stereo speakers that you can put under your TV. It has 6 speaker units and 6 ICEpower amplifiers - simply one for each speaker. Overall, you get a 750 watt speaker - much more than usual - it gives the best movie experience you could wish for.

You can choose Beolab 7-1 or Beolab 7-2 as a stereo speaker under your TV. If you need the full-width speaker, choose the Beolab 7-6 – it fits well with large TVs such as 65″ and up.

If, on the other hand, you choose to have Beolab 8000 or Beolab 6000 speakers, you can supplement with Beolab 7-4, which is a mono speaker and works well as a center speaker under your TV.

Beolab 7.1 provides an amazing depth and detailed sound, which is created to reproduce the human voice. Even the most discerning listeners will be satisfied.

Beolab 7.1 or 7.2 or 7.6 and finally 7.4 complete your setup with a new TV on a Beovision 7 stand.