Neo 7 Surround

Neo 7 Surround sound gives owners of a Beovision 7 system a much-needed update to their TV with a surround sound solution, like on B&O TV.

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The majority of Beovision 7 users have a Beolab 7 speaker - as their only speaker - and are happy with this update.

There are also users of Beovision 7 who have multiple speakers connected and use Dolby Surround in Beovision 7. There are typically 4 speakers and a centre speaker plus a subwoofer - a Surround 5.1 system.

Neomesteren plan to update the Neo 7 product range with a Neo 7 Surround.

We expect an end-user price of 7,995 DKK or approx. 1,149 €

We hope that many people have a need for this product.

Many people have written to us asking about the product. We expect to develop it in 2023, but we can't promise anything at this stage.