Neo Radio - Software update

Neo Radio can be updated with new software – this is done very simply via the Internet. Neo Radio provides Internet Radio channels for your B&O audio.

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Software versions

Date Version Topics Details
01.02.2023 1 This is the first software version. The software supports Neo Radio - R1 - release 1.
15.01.2024 2 This software version contains everything in version 1. There have also been 3 updates. No. 1 - Now there is support for Neo Radio - R2 - release 2. The software supports B&O products in setup with Masterlink. In linkrooms where there are masterlink products can Neo Radio fully serviced, in the same way as in the main room. In the main room can Neo Radio support audio/video setups where the speakers are connected to the video product and a master link is installed between the audio and video products. In addition, setups are supported where the speakers are connected to the audio product and the master link connects the audio & video products.
No. 2 - Neo Radio can in this software also support Internet Radio channels which are streamed in AAC+ format. All AAC+ channels, which are a high-quality streaming format, are now part of NeoStream and Neo Radio. Select these channels in the web-based NeoStream.
No. 3 - Finally, an error has been fixed in the version 1 software - the error occurs when an Internet Radio channel is no longer available from the provider and it is still selected in NeoStram. Neo Radio could in some cases go into a state that required the power to be removed and reconnected. It is now fixed in version 2 of the software. In addition, a message has been introduced when a channel has disappeared from the provider. The message plays on the speaker and mentions that this channel cannot be played.
13.03.2024 3 This software version contains everything in version 2. Furthermore, an error correction has been made on the master link. Neo Radio did not work correctly on some B&O audio products when master link was used from link room. If all products are in standby, booted Neo Radio not correct when pressing Radio from link room. This bug has been fixed. Please update if you have this error from link space

How to update the software

We know it from the mobile phone or the computer – every once in a while new software comes out that needs to be installed.

Neo Radio - you can do a software update very easily - one press of the button

If you want to update the software, you must do the following:

  • Check that a fully assembled Power Link cable is connected between Neo Radio and your B&O product.
  • Check that an Internet cable is connected Neo Radio with connection to the Internet.
  • Put your B&O product in Stand-by with the remote control or on the B&O product directly.
  • Briefly press the small button on Neo Radio – the button is located between the Local antenna and the AUX socket.
Step OK Fejl
1 You will hear BEEP BEEP (two times BEEP) if the command was received correctly If you hear a long BEEP tone, an error has occurred - try again
If you hear BEEP BEEP (two times BEEP), no new software has been found. You continue to run with current software
2 You will now hear BEEP (single BEEP) if new software has been found. The download starts and updates automatically
3 Finally, you will hear BEEP BEEP (twice BEEP) as confirmation that the update went well. You now have the latest software installed