Neo Radio supports different B&O setups with and without master link

Neo Radio provides internet radio channels for B&O products that have both a powerlink and masterlink connection.

It can be Bang & Olufsen setups with or without master link - Neo Radio can do both.

If you have a Beomaster, a Beocenter, a Beosound or a Beocenter in the living room, you can listen to all kinds of Internet radio channels on speakers in the living room. The music is also available in multi-room setups, where the master link sends the sound around the house.

B&O products together with Neo Radio in a typical living room arrangement

Neo Radio in a typical living room setup with a Beosound

Here is the Beosound 3200 from B&O, which is a typical living room setup with the classic Beolab speakers (not shown), eg Beolab 8000 or Beolab 6000.

Neo Radio connected via powerlink cable to Beosound and you are ready to listen to internet radio channels from all over the world.

Simply connect the products with powerlink cables. B&O also uses the RJ45 connector (the same connector that is used on network cables). Own cables can be used or the necessary cables can be purchased Neo Shop. Click here to get to Neo Shop

Neo Radio uses an RJ45 power link cable and most B&O products use the 8-pin DIN power link cable. The picture shows a splitter cable, which is very useful for connecting both the B&O audio product and an active Beolab speaker.

There are of course many interconnection combinations – totally dependent on your current setup.

Shown here with a splitter cable.

Neo Shop many different powerlink cables, which allow you to create exactly the setup you want.

Neo Radio with splitter cable to connect both Beosound and Beolab speakers

B&O was one of the first in the world with multi-room solutions. As far back as 1995, multi rooms became part of the Bang & Olufsen product portfolio with the Masterlink solution. Before then, there was already a solution – albeit simpler – with MCL link, which the B&O products also supported.

Link rooms – for example, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office – can now listen to the music in the living room (main room) with the master link. The link rooms can also control the house's system with a Beo4 or Beoremote One remote control - even Beolink 1000, Beolink 5000 and Beolink 7000 can be used. Neo Radio is ready for this type of setup with master link

The sound is sent around the house with the master link. Image and video are distributed via coax cable. It is all characterized by Beolink - or today also called B&O multiroom.

Neo Radio in a typical multi-room setup with master link from B&O

In a living room with a B&O TV (example here with Beovision 10), where the active Beolab speakers are connected to the TV, and the audio system is connected to the TV with a master link - can Neo Radio can also be connected.

It is now necessary to connect both powerlink and masterlink to Neo Radio.

In such an arrangement, Internet Radio channels from all over the world can be listened to anywhere in the house.

The music can be started from any room or from the main room. Everything can be operated as it was Neo Radio integrated in the B&O products.

It requires a special cable between Neo Radio and B&O master link. The cable can be purchased at Neo Shop and there are several options to suit any current setup.