NeoStream – Color coding of Internet Radio channels for playback above Neo Radio

NeoStream has been developed for playing Internet Radio channels on a Neo Radio device via your B&O system.

The user can easily select Internet Radio channels and play them on the B&O product.

Internet Radio has become modern, but is also filled with complex terms, such as bit-stream speed, compression techniques and more.

It's hard to figure out, so we've simplified this in NeoStream. We have color coded the channels.

Read more about Neo Radio here

NeoStream for Neo Radio - setup of channels
Green Best quality A green channel plays the music in the best way. It makes full use of the FM receiver in your B&O product. It can not be better
Yellow Acceptable quality A yellow channel is acceptable and the sound is ok, but not as good as a green channel. Most people cannot hear the difference between a yellow and a green channel
Red Low quality A red channel is low quality and is often used for speech channels. Just choose it and judge the quality for yourself.

The slightly deeper technical explanation of the colors can be seen here. If you are technically interested, see the table below.

You don't have to think about it in everyday life - just choose between Green, Yellow and Red.

Colour Quality Compression technique Streaming speed
Green Best quality AAC >= 96 kbps
Green Best quality AAC+ >= 88 kbps
Green Best quality MP3 >= 160 kbps
Yellow Acceptable quality AAC >= 72 kbps
Yellow Acceptable quality AAC+ < 88 kbps
Yellow Acceptable quality MP3 >= 128 kbps
Red Low quality AAC < 72 kbps
Red Low quality MP3 <= 96 kbps