NeoStream – How to tune your own channels

NeoStream – Internet Radio channels for Neo Radio. Get music directly on your B&O system. Press Radio on your Bang & Olufsen product and you have NeoStream.

NeoStream gives you access to a large selection of content from around the world.

Whether you're in the mood for classical, hip-hop or something in between, you're sure to find something perfect for every occasion at NeoStream

Plus, with our web-based selection of channels and your B&O remote control for easy channel switching, you can change your soundscape at any time.

Experience high quality sound with NeoRadio and join the revolution of renewal and innovation!

Neo Radio is born with 10 channels - then you are ready to go on your Bang & Olufsen radio.

NeoStream to Neo Radio provides Internet Radio channels on your Bang & Olufsen product. In the same way as DAB or DAB+
Username and Password are not shown in the picture

You can of course choose your own channels yourself and it's simple.

Use a mobile device or a desktop computer to change the channel setup via the Internet.

When you received your Neo Radio device there was a welcome letter in the packaging.

On the welcome letter you will find the Username and Password to log in

Save the Welcome letter well, as it must be used every time you log in to select your 50 channels.

NeoStream for Neo Radio - setup page
NeoStream for Neo Radio - setup of channels

NeoStream applies color coding to the channels. We have tried to simplify the technique with color codes – Green, Yellow and Red. It makes it simple - don't choose from a deep technical explanation, just choose from 3 colors.

Internet Radio channels or DAB / DAB+ radio

Both solutions are streaming from the Internet. The quality is pretty much the same. DAB or DAB+ is more structured and limited in range. Internet Radio channels are less structured with many more channels. Both solutions are good.