Neo Radio™
Digital Internet Radio streamer for B&O

Neo Radio supports Beosound, Beomaster, Beocenter from B&O

Neo Radio

Internet Radio

for your Bang & Olufsen products

Neo Radio ready to stream DAB-like and Internet Radio channels to your product

Press RADIO on the remote control or directly on the product – it's that simple

Internet Radio on B&O products

Gramophone sound in the speakers

Bluetooth streamer for the B&O system

We can't wait to show you the product, which brings even more new technology to your B&O products - you'll love it.

Neo Radio - ready to connect with your B&O products and RIAA.

You can operate it with Beo4 or Beoremote One

RIAA amplifier for gramophone

More than +20.000 channels via Neo Stream stream right into the living room and the whole house

Internet Radio – Digital

Neo Stream is developed for Neo Radio. Change channels with your Beo4 or Beoremote One. It couldn't be easier

Get the sound from mobile devices directly on your beloved B&O speakers - digital radio

Bluetooth Streaming

Music from Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube Music, RadioTunes, TuneIn Radio - what more could you want

Beogram 4000 can be connected Neo Radio via RIAA amplifier

RIAA amplifier built-in


Connect B&O gramophone directly to Neo Radio and get the familiar sound out of the speakers

BL 3500

Music throughout the house

Multi room

Neo Radio gives the whole house music via B&O Multiroom. Everyone in the house gets the joy

Nedi's local antenna

Listen to your local radio stations

FM stations

Listen to your favorite FM stadiums. Neo Radio provides both Internet Radio and FM stations - at once

RDS – channel name in display

Neo Radio shows the name of the selected Internet Radio channel in the display of your B&O product.

Neo Radio using the RDS function on your Bang & Olufsen product.

The B&O product has a limited display length, so the text scrolls on the screen and shows the channel name.

NeoStream – digital radio

Neo Radio plays the music from NeoStream™ which is Neomesteren own streaming service. Digital internet radio channels.

If NeoStream is missing some Internet radio channels, let us know - and we will add this to NeoStream.

Neo Radio from B&O connected to Neo Radio, so you get Internet Radio channels as well as RIAA
Neo Radio plays Internet channels on a Beosound 9000 and Beolab 5

All new Neo Radio is pre-installed with 10 digital Internet channels – just ready to connect a B&O system – and listen to the music. Choose yourself afterwards from more than 20.000 Internet channels from NeoStream. You can select as many channels as your B&O product has fixed FM channels.

Neo Radio - Connection of products. RIAA amplifier for record player

Please be aware that Neo Radio uses an RJ45 connector on the Power Link port – the same connector is used by B&O. Cables can be purchased here
See cables above in the drawing - check that you have the right ones.

Neo Radio supports the following products from the start:

BeoCenter 2 BeoSystem 2300 BeoSystem 2500
Beo Sound 3200 BeoCenter 8500 BeoSound Overture
Beo Sound 3000 BeoMaster 4500 BeoMaster 7000
Beo Sound 4 Beo Sound 9000 BeoCenter 9300/9500
BeoMaster 6500


Neo Radio also allows streaming Internet channels to link rooms via Masterlink and MCL link (a new and similar form to Bang & Olufsen DAB RADIO (DAB+ radio) or B&O internet radio).

What is B&O Masterlink

How to connect Neo Radio with B&O master link

Neo Radio (R1 – release 1) requires that the audio product in the main room is switched on so that the link room can listen along.

Neo Radio (R2 – release 2) fully supports B&O masterlink.

This means that you can listen to Internet channels (such as DAB or DAB+ radio) throughout the house with your existing equipment.

Your B&O system now gets Internet Radio. You can operate it with your Beo4 or Remote One remote control.

The sound quality

How is the sound quality now - is Internet radio good enough? Is it as good as DAB+? Was FM music better or worse?

The very short answer is that you get the same sound quality as a good FM station with a good antenna, because Neo Radio use the FM receiver in your B&O product.

Neo Radio play lovely music on B&O audio

Bluetooth streaming from your mobile device

You can also stream from your mobile device (mobile phone, iPad, Mac, PC) to Neo Radio and play the music on your B&O system.

Apple Music
YouTube Music

Neo Radio supports Bluetooth (version 4.2), which gives you stable music streaming at high speed.

Turntable and Gramophone amplifier (RIAA)

It has become incredibly popular again with a record player or gramophone. It has really had a renaissance. The sound is good and different from today's digital streaming.

Belgrade 4000

We don't want to choose for you - but would like to give you both options.

Internet streaming and Gramophone at once – and in the same product.

Neo Radio therefore has an input for your record player or gramophone.

Neo Radio has a built-in RIAA amplifier, which is necessary for most turntables.

You can now play your record player via your B&O product – the products we have listed above.

With this, you get both - and we think you are looking forward to this opportunity.

Neo Radio - Technical specifications

Input voltage of 12 volts from mains adapter
Mains adapter with EU plug. Input voltage from 110V to 230V AC
Power consumption of 1,5 Watt during normal operation
FM signal off Neo Radio for the B&O product
Signal / Noise ration (S/N ration) i Neo Radio better than 80 dB. On the B&O product's FM receiver, the S/N ratio is typically 65 dB.
Bluetooth streaming from mobile devices to Neo Radio
Gramophone input on Neo Radio with built-in RIAA
AUX audio output off Neo Radio according to RIAA amplifier
Power Link input from the B&O product
FM antenna output for the B&O product
Input for local antenna
Internet access with 100 Mbit
Input for Gramophone
AUX output to AUX input on the B&O product
Input for Gramophone
Compliance with the RIAA standard with +/- 1 dB
Signal / Noise ratio (SN ratio) better than 80 dB
Depth: 9 centimeters
Depth with antenna plug: 12 centimeters
Width: 16 centimeters
Height: 3 centimeters
Weight: 220 grams

More about Neo Radio

Also read more on B&O Radio and Neo Radio here

Renew your equipment and improve your sound experience with Neo Radio, an innovative internet radio streamer for B&O products. This groundbreaking device gives you access to a wide range of online radio stations and streaming services, giving you endless opportunities to explore and enjoy your favorite music, podcasts and more. Neo Radio for Bang & Olufsen is designed with the latest technology from Neomesteren, a well-known brand known for its exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship.

No limitation with Neo Radio and a B and O Radio

With Neo Radio you can say goodbye to traditional radio limitations and embrace the convenience and versatility of Internet radio. Connect to your home network and access a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Stream your favorite stations from around the globe or discover new ones that cater to your specific interests. It works like DAB+ or DAB - which is also Internet streaming.

Neo Radio not only provides a hassle-free streaming experience, but also delivers superior sound quality. With its advanced sound technology, you can expect crisp, clear and immersive sound that will enhance your listening pleasure. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing evening at home or hosting a gathering with friends, you will Neo Radio (for your B&O products) create the perfect atmosphere with its rich and dynamic sound performance.

Place your Neo Radio close to your B&O Radio

In addition to its exceptional sound capabilities, it boasts a sleek and modern design that will complement any decor. Its compact size makes it easy to place in any room, while its intuitive user interface ensures effortless navigation and control. The unit is crafted with attention to detail and built to last, reflecting the high standards of normal B&O's renowned craftsmanship.

Upgrade your sound setup and embrace the radio of the future Neo Radio. Experience the convenience, versatility and superior sound quality of this internet radio streamer and enjoy a renewed and loud sound experience like never before.