Facts about B&O TV for Neo products

Neo products are developed for older Beovision products that need an update, and thus they are born as Neovision products.

Beovision 7 family

Beovision 7-32 Beovision 7-40 Beovision 7-55
Launch year 2004 2005 2010
Production period 2004 - 2011 2005-2012 2010-2012
Models MK1 to MK5
Surround Ja Ja Ja
Bluetooth No No No
Resolution 1K 2K
Engine floor stand Ja Ja Ja
Motor wall stand Ja Ja Ja
Motor table stand Ja
Price TV 95.000 kr
Weight of TV 45 kg 75 kg

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Beovision 10 family

BeoVision 10 is an impressive and aesthetically pleasing flat screen from Bang & Olufsen.

The beautiful TV is displayed with an ultra-slim frame, so Beovision 10 can hang close to the wall or stand stylishly on a floor stand.

The speakers have a detailed sound that fills the room - all the senses come to the fore.

  1. Beautiful Design: BeoVision 10 is described as an incredibly beautiful flat screen that functions as a work of art on the wall. Bang & Olufsen has managed to integrate both speaker and screen in a coherent and attractive design.
  2. Combined Sound and Screen: The television manages to combine both speaker and screen in a coherent design. This contributes to a more streamlined and aesthetic feel, while saving space.
  3. Great Sound: The sound is described as fantastic, which is a characteristic feature of Bang & Olufsen products. This indicates a strong focus on sound quality and an integrated sound experience.
  4. Sharp LED screen: The sharp LED screen contributes to a captivating visual experience. BeoVision 10 offers impressive picture quality, which is important for an overall good visual experience.
  5. Color and Material: The described used flat screen with a front fabric in black and a frame in silver. This indicates a certain color scheme and material selection that can fit well into different home environments.

Overall, BeoVision 10 combines form and function in an impressive way and offers a complete TV experience with both visual and audio appeal.

BV10-32 BV 10-40 BV 10-46
Launch year 2010 2009-2013 2010-2013
Designer David Lewis David Lewis David Lewis
Production period 2009-2012 2009-2012 2010-2012
Surround Ja Ja Ja
Bluetooth No No No
Screen: Samsung Samsung Samsung
Resolution 2K 2K 2K
Control system B&O B&O B&O
Center of TV above floor height 77,5 cm
Engine floor stand Ja Yes - B&O no 1466613 Yes - B&O no 1466613
Price TV 29.995 DKK 43.500 DKK 54.995 DKK
Price engine condition
Weight of TV 27 kg 35 kg

You can read more about Beovision 10 here

If you need Powerlink cables for Beovision 10, they can be purchased here at Neo Shop

Beovision Avant family

Beovision Avant 55 is known for its elegant and modern design, as well as its swivel base on the floor, which allows the viewer to adjust the screen in the desired direction.

This flexibility in the placement of the TV can be practical to achieve the optimal viewing angle from different positions in the room.

The television is also known for having advanced sound technology, as Bang & Olufsen places great emphasis on the sound quality of their products.

The Beovision Avant series is equipped with features such as Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL) and a range of connectivity options that allow users to integrate it into their home entertainment system.

The use of an anti-glare screen and the elegant aluminum frame with no visible screws also contribute to the clean and stylish look. This design concept, which makes the TV presentable from every angle, fits well with Bang & Olufsen's tradition of creating products that not only deliver technological performance, but are also works of art in their own right.

The fact that the speakers are visible when switched on and disappear when switched off is a nice touch that further emphasizes the transformative nature of BeoVision Avant.

Beovision Avant is ready for Neo Avant with a new TV on the stand
Avant 55 1-Gen Avant 55 NG Avant 75 NG Avant 85 NG
Launch year 2014 2016 2016 2016
Production period 2014-2017
Surround 7.1 7.1 7.1
Bluetooth Ja Ja Ja
Resolution 4K 4K 4K 4K
Control system B&O Android Android Android
Apps Via Chromecast Via Chromecast Via Chromecast
Engine floor stand Ja Ja Ja Ja
Price TV 55.000 kr 59.995 kr 109.995 kr 159.995 kr
Price motor swivel foot 11.000 kr
Weight of TV 55 kg

Beovision 11 The Family

Beovision 11 has a floor stand where Neo 11 can be updated with a new TV

BV11-40 BV 11-46 BV 11-55
Launch year 2012 2012 2012
Production period 2012-2016 2012-2016 2012-2016
Resolution 2K
Control system
Engine floor stand Ja Ja Ja
Price TV 60.500 kr
Price motor swivel foot 6.000 kr
Weight of TV 48 kg

Beovision 14 The Family

BV14-40 BV 14-55
Launch year 2016 2016
Production period
Surround 7.1 7.1
Bluetooth Ja Ja
Resolution 4K - Ultra HD 4K - Ultra HD
Control system Android Android
Apps Via Chromecast Via Chromecast
Engine floor stand Ja Ja
Price TV 42.995 kr
Weight of TV 37 kg 60 kg