Neo Radio – Connection with B&O Masterlink

Neo Radio can be connected to the B&O masterlink system, so that link rooms and audio / video setups in the main room work together Neo Radio.

Neo Radio connected to B&O masterlink via a special cable

There are many ways to connect your B&O products and Neo Radio with master link.

The examples shown may not exactly correspond to your own setup, but are shown for inspiration.

Masterlink special cable connects directly to the side Neo Radio – simple and easy.

The connection to the existing master link can be done in different ways - see some examples below.

  1. With a Master Link male cable for your B&O product
  2. With Master Link Distributor box and a special cable
  3. With a Masterlink male cable and a special cable
  4. With a Junction box – and a special cable

Use this cable to connect Neo Radio with your B&O product directly.

If there is a free connector in a B&O product that is connected to the masterlink network, then connect the connector directly

Neo Radio connected with a special cable to the Distributor box, where other B&O products are connected.

Masterlink Distributor box - connects the cables in the B&O master link below Neo Radio

Connect Neo Radio via an existing male cable and a special cable

If you already have a masterlink male-to-male cable, it's simple.

Use this special cable between Neo Radio and your existing cable.

Neo Radio connected to B&O products with a special cable

Your current masterlink setup may include a joint somewhere (called a junction box) where it is possible to connect the cable from Neo Radio.

See the instructions for the junction box so that you attach the cables correctly.

Neo Radio cable ML cable Pin no Name
Red White/Green 1 Date-
White Green 2 Date +
Black Stel GND Stel

Find the 3 colors on the junction box and attach wires there. Then it is installed.

Connect Neo Radio two Masterlinks from B&O in a junction box
Junction box connect Neo Radio two B&O master links