Neo Radio – The 10 Internet Radio channels

Neo Radio - ready for your B&O products. Internet Radio channels from NeoStream

Neo Radio comes with 10 installed Internet Radio channels. Choose your own channels from NeoStream's more than 20.000 channels, and you have everything.

Neo Radio is great for music and entertainment with over 20.000 Internet radio channels available on NeoStream.

NeoStream offers a large selection of channels from all over the world. This extensive NeoStream database contains Internet Radio channels and it contains many of the available DAB stations. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find your favorite music or news station quickly and easily.

This is what the 10 pre-defined channels look like. You can change the channels yourself and add more channels than the 10 pre-defined.

NeoStream – the database with all channels

The 10 pre-defined channels allow you to use Neo Radio immediately. For example, try selecting FM channel 9 to stream from the mobile via Bluetooth or select FM channel 10 to play the gramophone.

You can easily change this on and thus adapt the setup to exactly your wishes and needs.

DAB or DAB+ versus Internet Radio channels

If you think that Internet radio channels are not what you want, but rather that you need DAB or DAB+ channels, then we can say that it is basically the same. They are both streaming from the Internet. DAB+ is fixed and approved channels, while Internet Radio channels are more than DAB.

So what should I choose? It is hard to say.

If you need local Internet radio channels – for example from your local community or from a certain part of the country, then you cannot get it via DAB+ or DAB – you can get it from Internet Radio channels instead.

There are +20.000 Internet Radio channels and there are relatively few DAB or DAB+ channels.

The benefit structure. They do not change immediately and are fixed, where radio channels are more dynamic.

Nr Logo Channel name Music link Country
1 DK
2 DR-P3 DK
3 #1980s Zoom UK
4 Radio paradise US
5 Mango Radio DE
6 Jazz Radio Blues FR
7 Dance wave! HU
8 Classic hits radio US
9 Bluetooth
10 Gramophone