How to install the VESA plate on the BV 7-32 stand

Beovision 7-32 was the first B&O TV and stand that was launched in the Beovision 7 series. Get a VESA bracket / plate for the stand and your new TV.

Compared to today, a 32″ B&O TV is no longer attractive. Back then, a 25″ and 28″ TV was the standard. With a new VESA bracket, you can attach a new TV from 32″ and up.

It is still in fantastic condition and the Beolab 7-1 speaker plays with high quality. It therefore pays to update the stand with a new TV. and VESA mounts. The stand fits well with today's TVs with sizes such as 40″ to 50″. The width of the TV and the Beolab 7-1 speaker should preferably match.

When the Bang & Olufsen TV has been removed, the VESA adapter plate must be removed Neomesteren mounted. It is easiest to mount the VESA bracket on the TV before mounting on the stand, but for the sake of illustration, the VESA adapter is shown here mounted on a BV 7-32 stand.

Beovision 7-32 stand with VESA plate or bracket from Neomesteren as well as a Beolab 7 speaker

Mounting the VESA adapter plate on a Beovision 7-32 stand and mounting the TV on the VESA plate is the same as mounting on a Beovision 7-40 stand. You can read it here