About us

Renewing your old B&O equipment with Neo technology

Updated technology means you can restore the joy of Bang & Olufsen products. Our Neo technology modules renew your B&O equipment and let you use it for years to come.

Bang & Olufsen is known for their quality audio equipment, and updating with Neo technology can be a great way to renew and extend the life of your existing equipment.

We ensure that when you renew, your Bang & Olufsen product will not lose any of its unique features that you have come to appreciate over all these years.

Neo is Danish developed

Neo technology is designed and developed by Danish engineers with decades of experience in the audio industry.

It's great to know that even if you renew your equipment, you'll still be able to enjoy the distinctive sound and design that Bang & Olufsen is known for.

With Neo technology, you can enjoy your audio equipment for years to come and keep up with the latest technological advances.

Neo™ is the link between Bang & Olufsen equipment and modern technology

Neo™ is a groundbreaking technology development from Neomesteren that acts as the link between existing B&O equipment and modern technology. Neo is designed to give new life to your trusted Bang & Olufsen equipment by adding powerful upgrades.

With Neo, you can experience how your older Bang & Olufsen equipment can be upgraded and adapted to modern technology.

You'll be able to enjoy the benefits of advanced features and improved performance, while maintaining the aesthetics and quality that Bang & Olufsen is known for.

With Neo technology, your Bang & Olufsen products can achieve a renewed modernity and be up to date with the latest technological advances.

Combining Neo technology with your existing products extends their lifetime, which also helps to reduce the overall waste from these products.

Whether it's audio systems, speakers or other Bang & Olufsen equipment, Neo technology can help create a simple integration between your existing equipment and modern devices such as smartphones, tablets and streaming services.

This allows you to enjoy an enhanced user experience and benefit from the latest technological possibilities without having to replace your Bang & Olufsen equipment.

Watch your old B&O equipment being upgraded to modern technology

Our history

Neomesteren was founded in 2020 with the purpose of developing, producing and selling customizations and solutions for Bang & Olufsen equipment.

We are a group of people who have all worked at B&O or developed products for B&O.

Currently we are working on 3 new products that can restore the joy of many older B&O products. Development is ongoing and the first product was launched at the turn of 2021.

We have moved into new premises in Herning.

Neomesteren lives in premises in Herning with room for expansion

In the new premises we have the opportunity to develop new products as well as subsequent production and packaging.

There is room for expansion and growth at Neomesteren

There is also room for expansion downstairs if the need for a physical store comes.

At Neomesteren we are here to help you with innovative products